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Crate free all day
Crate free all night!

And we mean it; no crates, no cages, no 'private suites'.

Overnight staff on site, 24/7 webcams.

Playtimes, walks and toys all inclusive

No hidden fees!


  1. -free medication administration
  2. -free feeding administration, we follow your schedule
  3. -free treats
  4. -free walks
  5. -convenient hours
  6. Group play with toys included
  7. Beds included

-pick-up or drop-off times. we offer maximum flexibilty. (between 5:30am earliest and 10pm latest) - additional fee applies.

We think dogs should be able to sleep cage free in comfy beds.  We have a slumber party setting that includes the staff.  Some dogs steal our beds, but we are used to it.  Dogs sleep peacefully with sound proof windows, light control and night cameras.  In fact, you can even bring their own bed and toys along to make them more comfortable.  

026We can put on music or Animal Planet for relaxation – paws up votes!  As dogs are often sensitive to their diets, we recommend that you bring food with you. However, if you are unable to bring your own, we can provide house food at a small charge of $5.00 per meal for large dogs $2.50 for small. A member of our staff will be in attendance at all times- 24 hours a day, sleeping over with the dogs and providing superior care and personalized attention.

Our enrollment for boarding is the same as daycare.

Boarding fee starts from drop-off to close of day on pick up day. (8pm)

Discounts for second dog same household, discounts for stays over 6 nights.