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 Meet the experienced team who knows your dog best.  Our unique contributions network perfectly for the facility that brings you the best care in town.


Owner.  Welsh Terrier enthusiast.
Specialty:Dog environment

"I had always dreamed of working with animals in some way. Having spent 21 years in Law Enforcement in the UK I was ready for a change. Sunny California beckoned and Furry Tales was born. What a great career change; dogs are so much fun! Our aim was to create a facility that offered the kind of care we would want for our own pets. A staff that cares for each dog like it was their own, to offer the love they deserve and are used to getting, while Mom and Dad are not there to give it. "


Owner. Welsh Terrier enthusiast.
Specialty: Dog exercise

“One day, while supervising 6th graders in the hot sun, I got the idea to open a dog daycare when I retired. After 31 years of teaching kids from ages 10-18, the time had arrived. Although I loved the kids, I must admit that the canine species are easier and just as rewarding. I'm very proud of our great staff and their efforts to make Furry Tales the best it can be. They all truly love all of the dogs that pass through the doors. Although my favorite breed is the Welsh Terrier, I love all of the Furry Tales 'kids'. I love my second career!"


Specialty: Anxiety in dogs/body language.

“Knowing that each day I come into work I will learn something new from a creature that endlessly loves is my motivation.  Every dog I encounter here is completely different from the last and each one requires a different kind of affection. I strive to keep the furry kids entertained and well exercised.”


Daycare technician/veterinary assisting
Specialty:  Dog play behavior/BOOTCAMP SPECIALIST

“Safety and structure are key.”


Daycare technician
Specialty:  Dog nutrition

“I love coming into work because every day is different.  Meeting new dogs and learning their personalities is rewarding.  I love educating people on proper dog care, especially children.


Daycare technician/veterinary assisting
Specialty: Pack leadership

“My priority is to keep the dogs safe and happy.”


Specialty: The Mohawk

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Daycare technician

Specialty: Nervousness/shy behavior in small dogs.





Daycare technician
Specialty: Physical exercise/Positive reinforcment